जन्म दिन 20 Century (Earth time)
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Pippo (ピッポ), also known as Judo (ジュド) or Jill is a robotic chicken that appeared in the remake of Steel Troop titled, Doraemon: Nobita and the New Steel Troops: ~Angel Wings ~. He is Zanda Claus' brain part.


Before becoming Zanda Claus' brain part, Judo was just a low class worker robot who loved to sing. Unfortunately, at that time the lower class robots were not allowed to sing and Judo was injured by the guard robots. Riruru, who passed by and witnessed the event, felt sorry for him and repaired his computer by using one of her own Three Stars of Mechatopia (the yellow one) on Judo. Judo asked Riruru why she helped him which she replied that she just pities him. Unknown to Riruru, the Yellow Star that she gave him turned green. 

Sometime later after the robot revolution, Judo became the brain of a war machine robot. He is one of the first scout units alongside Riruru in which his task is to use his electromagnetic wave to transport various robotic parts to the North Pole. However, since Nobita discovers the foot part and brings it back to his room, Judo follows him and instead brings all the part to the Nobis' Residence instead. After all the parts are transported, Judo is put into the cabinet in the garden by Tamako after he tripped her several times while trying to repair himself due to a damage to his system. 


  • Pippo didn't appear in the original movie nor the manga, though his ball form is seen.
  • Pippo's song is used in the very first scene of Nobita and the New Steel Troops ~Angel Wings~.
  • He has a typical move which he does with Nobita in which he kiches his foot to Nobita's face.
  • His ball form resembles a bowling ball.
  • Pippo used his foot to hit Nobita's face 3 times which made Nobita angry and Suneo calls him, "The chicken wearing a helmet".